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At ARM Financial we provide our clients with risk-return optimized investment management and expert financial advice.

We offer two types of investment programs:

Absolute Return Programs

The motivation for the programs stems from the observation that a variety of alternative investment strategies have outperformed the stock market over the last several decades. The one thing the outperforming strategies have in common is avoiding the substantial down trends that the stock market has experienced. Learn more...

VIX Indicated Traditional Asset Program

The stock market has been on quite a good run over the last few years. While we think that the stock market currently offers an unattractive medium term return based on fundamentals, we understand that there are investors who want to stay invested in the market the majority of the time. We have developed an investment program based on the CBOE VIX index which will attempt to time getting out of the market before the next major fall in stocks, and back into it afterwards. However, there are no guarantees that it will work. The program decision model may get out of stocks too early or it may not exit soon enough. The Program works well in back testing, but the past is not necessarily indicative of the future.

The idea behind the is to take advantage of two main historical themes:

In our opinion and by our analysis, applying some math to the CBOE VIX index is a good way to quantify 'calm', 'nervousness', and 'panic' in the markets. Learn more...

Click here to see our historical performance.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Futures involve the risk of substantial loss. Futures are not appropriate for all investors.

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